Deer Vision.

What do deer see?

There has been much debate on whether or not deer see color. The latest studies show that deer have only two types of cones in their eyes (human's have three), a higher concentration of rods, a very large pupil, and no UV   filter.                                                                                                                                   

The two types of cones drastically reduce their ability to see colors. This leads the researchers to believe that deer are color blind in the red-green spectrum while being able to see blues and some greens.

In additon to understanding their color vision we have learned more about their night vision. Rods are what make night vision possible. Combine their higher concentration of rods with a pupil that opens very large and an extra membrane that acts like a mirror giving the rods two chances at gathering light and you have a creature that can see extremely well in the dark.

Finally, deer don't have a UV filter. We use the filter to protect our eyes from UV rays and to see detail better, but it limits us from seeing in that spectrum. This is important because many modern detergents use UV brighteners that are designed to keep clothes looking like new. Unfortunately, if you wash your camo with this detergent you will be very visible to the deer.


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